Camp Bentzon

On the eastern shore of North Cove is 29 acres of spacious and sheltered land. The large area of land makes it most suitable for its purpose. The Camp was bequeathed to the youth of New Zealand by Captain Neils Bentzon, a Danish seaman in 1935.

He lived most of his time on his little mulletty type boat, but went ashore when old age and increasing arthritis meant that life in the tiny cottage on the land would be more comfortable. After his death the Education Board, in 1936, brought over a small schoolroom by barge, to be used as a school for 13 Kawau children. This didn’t last for very long due to the decrease in pupil numbers.

It was 1969 before plans were put into place to turn the property into a camp. In the years since, there has been a lot of work with voluntary labour, lots of assistance from Rotary and Lions and funding sponsorship, put into developing the camp to what it is today. The Captain would be very proud and pleased to see how it is now and how much pleasure it gives to so many young people.




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