Available records show that KIRRA was formed in 1963 and incorporated in 1964 as the Kawau Island Residents and Property Owners’ Association Incorporated. “Ratepayers” was substituted for “Property Owners” in a subsequent rule change. It appears that there was more than one community association on the island prior to the 1963 decision. There is a long record of the relatively small community combining to protect and further its interests.

KIRRA is substantially comprised of landowner ratepayers, and the bulk of the permanent resident population, currently numbering around……….Membership is open to all Kawau residents and ratepayers including family members, and includes the ability for corporate and trust ownership to be represented. Associate membership is also open to anyone, but Associates do not have voting rights. All receive quarterly issues of the informative and interesting Kookaburra magazine, maintained by KIRRA.

KIRRA’s objectives are set out in its rules (refer…….). These objectives lead to KIRRA pursuing various goals which include care of the local environment, contributing to local welfare and safety needs, letting others know about the unique features of Kawau Island and most importantly, keeping track of legislation and planning rules which often attempt to apply an inappropriate mainland template to the Island.

Over the years the Kawau community has pulled together to achieve worthwhile objectives. Examples include pest control and promoting native forest regeneration, securing telephone and power supplies, setting up emergency services, supporting local fire fighting teams and funding their equipment and heading off planners’ attempts to designate public areas on privately owned land.

KIRRA’s executive committee, elected at each Annual General Meeting, is charged with looking after Association interests and achieving goals. Executive activities and forthcoming events have principally been communicated via the quarterly Kookaburra magazine and the AGM, with special or urgent matters dealt with by mailouts. Up to date, contact details have been provided with annual subscriptions. This website provides another vehicle for informing the membership and Kawau friends of particular issues.

Kawau Islanders are fortunate in having a special sub-committee of Rodney District Council represent Island matters to Council. RDC does not have any Community Boards and this sub-committee, called the Kawau Island Advisory Committee, recognizes the unique circumstances of the Kawau community and local situation. The Advisory Committee represents all residents and ratepayers, not just KIRRA members. It comprises three members, one being an appointed councilor and the other two elected from the Kawau ratepayer role.


To become a member, or renew your membership for KIRRA, please download and submit the following, Kirra Membership Application Form.

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