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Looking for a KAWAU ISLAND PROPERTY has never been easier.

It is only a matter of time before the future potential of Kawau Island is realised. With Warkworth designated at the northern centre for Auckland City, Kawau property values will reapidly rise as residens recognise the benefits of owning a holiday home just 30 minutes away by boat. No holiday highway problems here.

When considering a holiday home purchase, prospective buyers often don’t get the chance to explore the neighbourhood and fully understand how everything works in the area. This is particularly true of Kawau island where many factors such as boat transport, parking, tides access, jetties, moorings, walking tracks etc. etc. may all have an important bearing on how suitable a property may be to fulfil the aspirations’ of the purchaser.

You now have the chance to investigate and fully understand why Kawau Island works so well for many happy holiday home owners, by staying a night at Kawau Lodge and spending time with your hosts Dave & Helen Jeffery. Dave, and his wife, Helen, have owned and operated Kawau Lodge in North Cove for over 10 years and during this time have gained a huge amount of knowledge about the island and enjoy sharing this knowledge with their guests.

From The Kawau Lodge website:

At Kawau Lodge, we provide water and brushes for cleaning your boots and shoes both before and after walking through our tracks.

At Kawau Lodge we endeavour to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We use rainwater for all our water requirements i.e. showers, toilet, laundry, garden watering, solar panels to heat our water, a bio-cycle system for all waste water, compost all household scraps, shred paper, and we take all bottles and plastic to the mainland for recycling. We believe that everybody, everywhere from big 5 star resorts to cheap hotels to any kind of establishment can and should do their best for the environment. There are systems to use that are more gentle on the Earth. These systems all require a little more care and attention than those used in cities, so we appreciate your co-operation when using them.

Ecostore products are proudly made in New Zealand. They are all natural, plant based, biodegradable and environmentally friendly and their soaps and shampoos are all made from natural and essential oils with no nasty chemicals which makes them healthier for you and the environment.

In your room you will find information which promotes sponsorship of kauri and other trees native to New Zealand. This could be used to offset your carbon footprint, commemorate the memory of a loved one or contribute to our country’s clean and green image.