uniquely tailored to the individual needs

Stillwaters Yoga Retreat
190 Federal St, Central City, Auckland, New Zealand

Book a retreat at Stillwaters Retreat Centre. Deepen and strengthen your yoga practice, as you refresh, revive and restore in a natural wonderland with luscious healthy food!
These enriching experiences are uniquely tailored to the individual needs (only four participants on the overnight retreats) by two of New Zealand’s most respected yoga teachers, Peter Nilsson (37 years experience) and Jude Hynes (25 years experience), of the Auckland Yoga Academy. This unique ratio of one teacher to two sees you re-entering mainland Auckland refreshed, invigorated and informed by new skills, personalized to your current level of practice. Jude and Peter share their wondrous natural sanctuary on Kawau Island with a promise that Jude will delight your palate, stomach and heart with luscious, healthy and nourishing food.
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